Jon England

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Hut 27, Marklands, Lower Durston, Taunton TA3 5AH

07810 228754

'Jack Lyon' - Acid-etched biscuit-tin lid.
'Zagan Station', Digital print, 2009, edition of 5
'Moth' - Detail from film installation - 30 second loop, back-projected onto salt crystals in Crittal window

Underpinned by an exhaustive investigation of personal histories, specific objects or significant sites my work examines the legacy of conflict, particularly focusing on WWII. Through a highly individual & scientific investigation of material and process, I create artworks that form a tangible link to a remote time or experience. Meticulous research and the application of materials with a specific resonance, combine to create works that are talismanic, contracting history, substance and experience into a single entity.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

For example, ‘The Fifty’, portrays those men executed after the real-life ‘Great Escape’, employing a technique developed of painting with ‘Klim’ milk. ‘Klim’ is the brand the POW’s would have received in their Red-Cross Parcels, empty tins were used to build ventilation ducts to the tunnels, thereby sustaining life by multiple means but also contributing to tragic consequences. As a result of this body of work I was the first recipient of the ‘Reveal Emerging Artist’ award leading to a major solo show ‘Afterglow’ at the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton in Autumn 2009. This body of work will also be presented at the Zagan Palace and POW Museum in Poland as part of the 70th anniversary commemorations in March 2014. Follow the link to a film made by Emman Holbrook (Laconic Film) during the first presentation of this work in 2008.

Originating from an investigation of my studio, a timber framed ‘Laing Hut’, I have explored the architectural legacy of WWII, reacting to traces of presence embedded in the physical remains of abandoned airfields, pillboxes and more. For me, these structures act as a poignant memorial to a conflict so abstract to someone of my generation.

My primary focus though is the human consequences of conflict, exploring experience, perception and memory as well as the effects on the corporeal. Working with veterans and investigating lost service-members has instigated a practice that is socially engaged and increasingly collaborative

My two-year long collaboration with former POW artist Ted Milligan, until his death in July 2011, extended my practice into the fields of curator, facilitator and archivist as well as artist. Follow the link to another film by Emma produced during SAW Open Studio's 2010.

This body of work had a second presentation in Ted’s memory during Nov 2011 as a fundraising event marking the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion. The exhibition was accompanied by after dinner speakers of the caliber of BBC Defense Correspondent Caroline Wyatt and former UK Ambassador to Afghanistan Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles.

At its broadest points, I am establishing an approach that traverses the space between contemporary gallery and museum practice whilst maintaining the opportunity for site-specific work and working in ‘non-art’ spaces. Blending the specific and intensely personal with universally significant events and themes of history, memory and conflict allows me to engage with both my own family history and the broadest possible audience.

Since 2011, I have worked in conjunction with the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, Two exhibitions; ‘Operation Chameleon’ and ‘the Unconscious Archive’ have responded to the pioneering restoration of WWII Grumman Martlet AL246 by their Engineering Dept. I have drawn on the specialist knowledge of leading practitioners in their field to make unique responses to the object and the ‘unconscious archive’ of embedded histories revealed during its transformation. Watch this space for further developments.

Partially inspired by my collaboration with Ted Milligan and the value drawn from his WWII archive I became a partner in the ‘Combat Art’ project. 500 pocket sized art kits were supplied to 40 Commando Royal Marines for their Herrick 17, Afghan deployment in 2012-13. An exhibition of the resulting work took place in the Marines’ home town of Taunton in Nov 2013 with further presentations planned in the near future.

Many of these works are on sale; please contact me for availability and prices. Commissions undertaken.

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'Parish Notices' - Wing Commander Hancock, approx 3,000 rusty pins and nails in former Parish Noticeboard.
'Jack Lyon' - Acid-etched biscuit-tin lid.
'Seeds to the Wind - German Stormtrooper' - Poppy seeds and varnish on board.
'Zagan Station', Digital print, 2009, edition of 5
'Moth' - Detail from film installation - 30 second loop, back-projected onto salt crystals in Crittal window
'The Last Nail' - Wellington Bomber - approx 30,000 rusty nails - SOLD
'The Fifty' - Fl/Lt James Leslie Robert Long - 'Klim' milk on blotting paper
'The Fifty' - Fl/Lt William J Grisman - 'Klim' milk on blotting paper
'Interior' - Stalag Luft 3 - Heat applied to Sissalkraft bitumen paper
'Afterglow' - Detail from installation
'Zagan Forest', Single Silver-Birch Tree, Salt, Mirrors and Crittal Window
'Zagan Forest', detail from installation
'Zagan Forest' - Salt crystals on roofing felt - SOLD
'The Last Nail' - Lancaster Cockpit - approx 19,000 galvanised nails in roofing felt
'The Last Nails' - Wellington Bomber and Lancaster Cockpit
'Boots' - Mono-print using WWII era boot-polish, edition of 10 unique prints
'Chapel' - The 67th General Field Hospital, Musgrove Camp - Iodine on paper
'Zagan Forest', Burnt 'Klim' milk on blotting paper.
'Lt A G Woods', Cellulose paint removed from Aluminium Seat
'Wng Cdr Norman Lester', Cellulose paint removed from Aluminium Seat
'Capt Eric Brown', Gloss, Enamel and Cellulose paints removed from Aluminium
'AL246 Departing Loughborough College', Cellulose and Gloss paints removed from Aluminium panel
'Will Gibbs', Cellulose and Gloss paints removed from Aluminium panel
'Operation Chameleon' installation view
'Carrying the Soup' 'Klim' milk on blotting paper, from a photograph by Angelo M Spinelli courtesy of Andersonville National Historic Site, ANDE 4195
'Cheers', 'Klim' milk and wax on blotting paper - SOLD
'Clifford Nation', WWII era boot-polish on blotting paper (private commission)
'Silken Canopy' WWII era boot-polish on Parachute Silk
'Night Flying - Control Tower Interior I', collaboration with Karin Sabine Krommes, digital print, edition of 10
'Night Flying - Night Flying Store I', collaboration with Karin Sabine Krommes, digital print, edition of 10
'Seeds to the Wind', Poppy seeds and varnish on board.
'Chalk 78', (Upottery, 5th June 1944). Boot Polish and Iodine on Parachute Silk
1st Sergeant Paul Rogers, Easy Company, 101st Airborne Division. Iodine on First-Field Dressing
1st Sergeant Paul Rogers, Stills from timelapse film.
Capt Eric Brown, staining removed from mess tin
Combat Art Kit
'Zagan Station', Digital print, 2014
'The Fifty', Zagan Palace, March 2014
'The Fifty', Zagan Palace, March 2014