Somerset Art Weeks

About Somerset Art Weeks

Somerset Art Weeks is a countywide celebration of the variety and quality of contemporary visual art that can be found in Somerset.

Since its inception in 1994 Art Weeks has become an important event in Somerset's calendar delighting art lovers from near and far.

Due to increasing popularity and growth the decision was made in 2007 to turn the event into an annual two week event with an alternating focus of open studios (named Somerset Open Studios) and group exhibitions and projects (named Somerset Art Weeks Festival). 

"Congratulations on all aspects of Somerset Art Weeks, the guide is a work of art in itself! We could write pages about our visits and the lovely people we met; how much we learned about techniques and processes and our lovely somerset towns, villages and countryside. Thank you for giving us so much." - Art Weeks Visitor

What is the focus of Somerset Open Studios?

Somerset Open Studios 2014 is about drawing Art Weeks back to its roots; focusing on individual artists in their working environment.  It focuses on artists as individuals; how they make their work; their inspiration and creative processes. It aims to support artists who want to work professionally and promote their creative business.

- 200 venues, most of them are artists' own home, small studios and temporary studios.
- focusing on making processes and their inspiration. Offering visitors a chance to meet and talk to the artists
- Offering a promotional and selling opportunities for artists in Somerset, both established and emerging

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What is the focus of Somerset Art Weeks Festival?

The largest arts festival in Somerset, featuring more than 100 exhibitions, events and artist-led projects in Somerset with more than 400 artists.  The festival encourages collaborations, featuring exhibitions and projects organised by our member artists and organisations, alongside with an innovative programme of new commissions, exhibitions and events organised by SAW in partnership with local and national partners.

Next Festival will take place in September/October 2015.  If you wish to take part and planning your exhibition, please contact Zoe Li at

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